A Scottish Colourist

Tom Hewlett 
Softback   20 x 28 cm
 currently out of print


This lavishly illustrated biography is the first book devoted entirely to the life and work of the Scottish Colourist, Francis Campbell Boileau Cadell (1883 -1937), one of Scotland's most important and influential artists. Using previously unpublished material, the author has traced Cadell's career from his early sketches as a boy, to his magnificent interiors of the 1920s and 1930s to the landscapes of Iona.

The book contains colour illustrations of 17 of the many paintings of Iona done by Cadell's on his annual visits to the island. It was Cadell's uncanny ability to instantly capture Iona's particular light and precise colour, however fleeting, that ensured the island was a constant source of inspiration and fulfilment to him.

The book also highlights the artist's outgoing and generous personality, his wit, and the versatility and brimming talent that he possessed, which not only transformed the company he was in, but also helped lay the foundations of 20th century Scottish art. The beautiful paintings reproduced in this book bear testimony to ones of the country's very finest painters.

Tom Hewlett's text is lively and compelling, combining a clear insight into Cadell's personal life with a fascinating account of the relationship between his painting and the artistic scene in which he worked.  Tom Hewlett is director of the Portland Gallery in London, which he established in 1985 in order to specialise in the works of Scottish artists from 1880 to the present day.