George Houston

Nature's Limner

Euan Robson 
Hardback   20 x 28 cm
Iona Gallery does not stock this book but does recommend it.  We can tell you where to get it if you cannot get it locally.


George Houston's beautiful and tranquil paintings of the lowlands and west coast of Scotland were, according to the Royal Scottish Academy's eulogy on his death, 'amongst the finest landscapes produced in Scotland'.  Contemporary with the Glasgow Boys he developed his own distinctive vision which was ' and simple and was interpreted with a technique baffling in its apparent ease'.  Houston had a life long passion for fishing which influenced his choice of painting grounds - Ayrshire, Argyll and Iona were his favourites with occasional forays elsewhere in Scotland.  Houston honeymooned on Iona in 1889 and then returned to paint from 1898 every year for about 10 years and then intermittently for the rest of his life. His paintings were the subject of considerable critical acclaim during his lifetime and were much sought after by collectors.  This book, the first monograph to be published on George Houston, sets him in his rightful place in the history of Scottish landscape painting.

Euan Robson lives in the Scottish Borders and has collected the work of George Houston for many years


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