S. J. Peploe


Guy Peploe 
Hardback   8" x 11" 
Iona Gallery does not stock this book but does recommend it.  We can tell you where to get it if you cannot get it locally.


A comprehensive, lavishly illustrated biography of Samuel John Peploe.  The author, Guy Peploe, had access to family archive material which yields an insight into the life of a complex and brilliant artist.

The illustrations span the painter's whole career, from the luscious still-life paintings of his early period, through the vibrant work done in France before the first World War, to the landscapes of his maturity.  The latter include 8 plates of his Iona paintings.  This biography is a visual feast for art lovers and devotees of Peploe's work.

Guy Peploe, managing director of the Scottish Gallery in Edinburgh, is the acknowledged expert on his grandfather's work.  He has written and lectured extensively on Peploe and has published articles on F. C. B. Cadell and Scottish Art in general.